Sigmah, information management software for international aid projects

What does sigmah do?

Sigmah includes:

A dashboard to keep track of projects and funding

Sigmah’s home page is a dashboard that can be used to monitor projects and funding.

A tool for sharing and centralising documents

All key project and organisation documents are centralised in Sigmah and can be easily shared, both in the field and at headquarters. Different levels of access to documents and information can be established.

A project cycle management board

Sigmah allows you to configure your organisation’s project cycle and ensure that particular steps and practices are respected for each phase. Project cycles can easily be modified by the organization if their practices evolve over time.

A logical framework

Very often, the objectives, results and activities of international aid projects are presented in the form of logical frameworks. These can be entered into Sigmah and monitored.

A mechanism for monitoring indicators

It is possible to create and monitor all the indicators for each project, whether these are linked to the logical framework or not.

A calendar and reminders for each project

Meetings, tasks to be done and events linked to each project can be monitored by means of a calendar, with reminders.

An offline mode

The offline mode allows users to continue to work on Sigmah even when they no longer have an internet connection. They can then share their work with their collaborators by synchronising it when an internet connection is available again.


Sigmah has been developed based on a free and collaborative approach. The software is therefore constantly evolving so that it meets the needs of its users. Other features are currently being looked into. These can be found at the Sigmah Features Fair.

How do you start using Sigmah ?
Sigmah demo


Who is sigmah for?


  • Which sector?: humanitarian, environment, Human Rights, development, etc.
  • What type of organisations? : NGOs, United Nations agencies, donors, members of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, foundations, etc.
  • You can easily configure Sigmah yourself to meet your specific needs.
  • Sigmah is aimed at organisations from the North and the South, regardless of their means. One of the reasons that NGOs support the project is that it meets both their own information management needs, and those of their partners in the South.

Sigmah’s financial partners:

Funding agencies, foundations, international donors, etc. Supporting Sigmah is a way of investing in a tool that helps to implement a Quality approach in NGOs.

Financial partners can also adopt Sigmah to manage the projects that they fund.

Sigmah is supported by 12 NGOs

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