Service packages

A range of service packages to suit different budgets

We want Sigmah to be is open source software that can be downloaded free of charge. The aim is to make this software available to all organisations, and for everyone to be able to benefit from each improvement that is made to it regardless of their financial resources.
The software was developed principally with public funds, and can be downloaded free of charge. However, in order to be sustainable, day-to-day maintenance and support services need to be paid for. Like all software, Sigmah is constantly updated to bring new features and fix any bugs that are identified. The work carried out to update the software naturally has to be paid for in order to ensure that the project is economically viable.

Therefore, different versions of the software and different service packages are available to suit different needs and different budgets. You can choose to simply download the software for free in order to install and test it without any support or assistance, or you can decide to have the software hosted with minimal services, or you may want a fuller service package. Additional à la carte services are also available.


User Service Packages


HostingNot includedIncludedIncluded
Software :
-  Project cycle management
-  Documents management
-  Export
-  Import
-  Agenda, reminders
-  Offline mode
-  Contact management
Basic version:
-  Included
-  Included
-  Included
-  Included
-  Included
-  Included
-  Not included
Basic version:
-  Included
-  Included
-  Included
-  Included
-  Included
-  Included
-  Not included
Full version:
-  Included
-  Included
-  Included
-  Included
-  Included
-  Included
-  Included
Technical supportNot includedIncluded (7h)Included (21h)
Delay of response for technical supportNot included5 working days1 working day
Fixing of bugsNot includedNo commitment Commitment to fix bugs
Annual follow-upNot includedNot included1day/year included
Annual cost (including tax)

Quarterly cost



600€ +60€/user

180€ +18€/user

From 6 000€

From 2 000€

These packages do not include the services that are available to begin an adoption (training and configuration). These can also be adapted to meet specific needs. See below for à la carte services.

The content of the “basic” and “full” versions of the software evolves. The “full” version is always the most recent version. When a new “full” version is released, the previous version becomes the new “basic” version and is available free of charge.

“Free” package

With the “free” service package, you can download the “basic” version of the software, which you then have to install yourself.

Installing Sigmah currently involves a technical procedure that needs to be rigorously followed to be done properly. This procedure is available at the following address: . A link to download the latest “basic” version is also available on the same page.

“Basic” package

The “basic” package provides everything that is needed to be able to use Sigmah at the lowest possible cost: a version of the software installed on an internet server, with all the necessary data saving and updating services. A few hours of technical support are also included, but there is no corrective maintenance except for “critical” anomalies (read more).

Cost of a basic package:

  • annual cost (including tax): 600€ +60€/user
  • quarterly cost (including tax): 180€ +18€/user

“Full” package

The “full” package includes all the support services you need to accompany your adoption: the most up-to-date version of the software, reactive technical support, corrective maintenance of major and minor anomalies as well as critical anomalies, and annual follow-up of the adoption.

The cost of the full package depends on the number of users, and is reviewed each time the package is renewed.

Cost of the full package
Number of users Annual cost Quarterly cost
10 6 378 € 1 595 €
20 7 575 € 1 894 €
30 8 400 € 2 100 €
50 9 592 € 2 398 €
75 10 678 € 2 669 €
100 11 532 € 2 883 €
150 12 869 € 3 217 €
200 13 921 € 3 480 €
300 15 566 € 3 891 €
500 17 945 € 4 486 €

* For other numbers of users, you can calculate the annual cost of a full package below.

Number of users : Full service package annual cost: 8400 (including tax)


A la carte support services

A la carte support is available. This is established jointly by the user and the Sigmah team, on the basis of needs, the calendar, the budget and priorities.

Several services are possible:

  • Training
  • Support for the initial configuration
  • Development of a specific feature
  • Support in organisational change
  • Recuperation of existing data
  • Advanced dashboard design.

The daily cost of these services is 650 euros (including tax).

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