Specific characteristics

Sigmah, information management software for international aid projects

A flexible tool

… that can be adapted to your way of working and your needs

A development NGO, which focuses on long term objectives and often works in consortiums, does not have the same constraints and does not go through the same processes as a humanitarian aid organisation that provides emergency relief in crisis contexts.

Sigmah can meet the needs of different organisations. Via a simple graphic interface, they can create their own project models depending on their own specific characteristics.

Its flexible design allows organisations to organise and continually improve their methodological framework, and thereby improve the Quality and Accountability of their programmes.

… that can evolve

If you want to change your project management method in Sigmah following changes to your internal processes, or if you want to simplify it based on comments from your staff, you can revise the configuration of the software at any time.

… that allows you to be autonomous

As the majority of NGOs do not have any software developers in their staff, Sigmah is designed to allow them to be as autonomous as possible and to adapt the software to their specific needs without having to call on the services of a computer engineer. When an organization adopts Sigmah they can configure it in any way they want.

The first step when adopting the software is to define project models that correspond to the organisation’s business processes. They can create as many project models as they want, and these can evolve over time.
Of course, you can also seek professional support to help with your adoption.


Open source

Open source software

Software is referred to as “open source” when its source code is published with a license that allows anyone to read, use, distribute, copy, improve, or modify it, for example, if you want to add a feature to it.

Developing Sigmah under an open source license is a way of providing an open solution that can evolve, and in which the whole international aid sector can take part.

Contribute to the development of the software

Available to all

An open source license ensures that the software is available to all. The software is free of charge; only optional, à la carte services have to be paid for. The software has been developed with the aim of improving the quality of projects in the sector.
How is Sigmah used?



You benefit from the expertise of professionals and your peers.

For using the software

Would you like support for the adoption process? Groupe URD and a network of service providers and technical partners can help.

The following support services are available:

  • Organisational change support to design an adoption project
  • Analysis of the organisation’s specific needs and management processes
  • Development of a feature to meet a specific need of the organisation
  • Training (generic or specifically adapted to the needs of the organisation)
  • Recuperation of existing data
  • Methodological support to configure the software
  • Hosting on the Sigmah Central server
  • Development of advanced dashboards

At the design level

From needs assessments to tests of software versions, different types of expertise are needed to develop Sigmah: methodological expertise, knowledge of the sector, Quality, cognitive ergonomics to increase intuitiveness, graphic creativity, product ownership, software development, technological monitoring, etc.

This design and development process is nourished by the participatory activities of the Steering Cooperative. The member organisations meet regularly to discuss, validate and plan priorities in terms of software development and strategy.

The fact that Sigmah is designed and developed by your peers guarantees that it reflects your needs.

Sigmah is supported by 12 NGOs

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