The collaborative tools available to you

Collaborative tools exist for the Sigmah project community: testers, developers and translators.

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Software development

Are you a software developer? Would you like to get involved in the development of Sigmah on a voluntary basis?

First of all, have a look at the Contributor Guide on Sigmah’s technical project wiki:

On Mantis, Sigmah’s « bug tracker » Mantis, have a look at all the past IT developments, bug corrections, requests for new features, etc.:


Involving users during the development process helps to ensure that the final software solution meets the targeted needs more effectively. This is a principle that humanitarian actors are familiar with in terms of their relations with crisis-affected populations!

In software development, a “beta” version is a temporary version of a software that precedes the finalized public version. “Beta-testers” are people who are prepared to use a software in an incomplete version that may still have uncorrected design faults (“bugs”).

If you join the mailing list for the beta-tests, you will receive emails about the new versions of the software under construction that are available. You will be able to give feedback on these latest versions so that the official versions are as close as possible to your needs.

Interested? Join here to receive notifications of beta-test sessions.

For each under construction version of the software that comes out, two types of test are useful:

  • Free tests to look for unexpected bugs or suggest new ideas,
  • Systematic tests, where an exhaustive and documented list of test cases is followed in order to ensure that all the main functions of the software work.

These systematic tests are described via TestLink.

To find out more about TestLink, click on the following link, where you can create your own user account:


Translation of the software and the user’s guide using pootle

Do you speak French ? English ? Spanish ? Catalan ? Chinese ? Arabic ? … or any other language? You can help to translate the software. Like all software, Sigmah also has a User’s Guide, which also needs to be translated into different languages. The translations are done using Pootle!

What is Pootle?

Pootle is an online software translation website. Anyone can create an account on Pootle and help to translate new phrases or correct existing ones.

Go to the Sigmah Pootle site:

Once you are connected, you can choose your translation language or contact us to propose to open a translation project in new languages.

Translating the User’s Guide

If you would like to help translate the User’s Guide, please contact the project team at to tell us about your availability. We will then contact you about the translations that need to be done before each new version is released, and then you can tell us whether or not you will be able to help.

Thank you!


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