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Do you have a few minutes to spare?

Talk about Sigmah

Share a page from this site on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
In a couple of clicks, you can help spread the word!

Follow the community

Join the Sigmah community on social networks! You will be able to follow what is happening on the project from day to day, the new features being developed, and you will be able to pass on this information…

Make a donation to support the project

Of course, you can also get involved financially! The more money we have for Sigmah, the more we will be able to make the software evolve… Whatever the size of your contribution, it will help!


Do you have a few hours to spare?

Test the software

Before each new version is released, there is a test phase to detect any bugs or problems in the software. The more tests the better. In the spirit of open source software, this phase is also open to all. This involvement of potential users helps to guarantee that the software meets the needs and requests of NGOs.

If you join the mailing list for the beta-tests, you will receive emails about the new versions of the software under construction that are available. You will be able to give feedback on these latest versions so that the official versions are as close as possible to your needs.

Interested? Join here to receive notifications of beta-test sessions. LIEN A FAIRE

Help us to translate the software and the User’s Guide

The software currently exists in three languages – French, English and Spanish. If you speak another language, you can translate part of or all of the software, and thus allow speakers of this language to use Sigmah.

It is very simple – go to the Sigmah Pootle website:
When you are on this website, choose the language you want to translate into, or contact us to propose to open a translation project in a new language.

If you would like to help translate the User’s Guide, please contact the project team at to tell us about your availability. We will then contact you about the translations that need to be done before each new version is released, and then you can tell us whether or not you will be able to help. Thank you!


Do you have a few days to spare?

Develop the software

If you have IT skills, you can contribute to the development of Sigmah by becoming a member of the community of developers.

First of all, read the Contributor Guide on the Sigmah technical project wiki:

On Mantis, Sigmah’s « bug tracker » Mantis, have a look at all the past IT developments, bug corrections, requests for new features, etc. :

Skills-based sponsorship

Sigmah is the product of different forms of know-how: the communications strategy, the ergonomics of the software, the graphics, etc. All these aspects have been able to move forward thanks to professionals who have given up their precious time. There are many ways that you can contribute. Get in touch if you would like to help!


Would you like to join the steering cooperative?

Sigmah is a public interest project: its objective is to help international aid organisations by producing a free and commonly owned tool.

The Steering Committee plays a central role in running the Sigmah project. The term “cooperative” was chosen because this open group is responsible for the long-term health of the project, in the spirit of a property that is mutually-owned by several members. It is the project’s main decision-making body.

Sigmah is an open project: any international aid organisation can ask to join the Steering Cooperative. Financial contributions to directly support the facilitation of the project and improve the software are voluntary. Your organization will be able to take part in decision-making and establishing the priorities for future developments of the software.

The roles of the Steering Cooperative are the following:

  • Guaranteeing that the minimum resources needed for the project are secured in the long term
  • Validating priorities in terms software features to be developed
  • Helping member organisations to adopt the system
  • Testing the validity of the software
  • Planning the medium term priorities for the project
  • Fund-raising

New organisations can join the Steering Cooperative once they have met the following conditions:

  • They have to explain their needs in relation to the computer-based management of international aid projects;
  • Their application needs to be presented to the Steering Cooperative by one of its members, or, failing this, by the project facilitator (Groupe URD);
  • Their application has to be accepted by all the members of the Cooperative.
  • Organisations can decide to leave the Cooperative at any time.

For more information, contact us at:

Sigmah is supported by 12 NGOs

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