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Sigmah User Guide

Submitted by pbrunet on Mon, 05/30/2011 - 16:54

[ Sigmah version 2.0 ]


1. General presentation
1.1    The Sigmah project
1.1.1    History of the Sigmah project    
1.1.2    The future of the Sigmah project 
1.2    Sigmah, the software
1.2.1    What is Sigmah?   
1.2.2    Who is Sigmah for?   

2    Learning to use Sigmah   
2.1    Navigating in the application   
2.1.1    Tabs display  
2.1.2    How to close a window  
2.1.3    Framed double arrows: collapse/expand  
2.1.4    Framed arrows: expand/collapse  
2.1.5    Personnalising tables  
2.1.6    Non-framed chevrons: other buttons  
2.2    Main icons   
2.3    Colour codes   

3    Definitions  
3.1    Projects   
3.1.1    NGO projects   
3.1.2    Funding projects   
3.1.3    Local partner projects  

3.2   Organisational units (i.e. Mission, Base, Desk, etc.)   

3.3    Report   

3.4    Models   
3.5    Document
3.6    Indicator
3.6.1 Types of indicator
3.6.2 « Indicator group» 
3.6.3 « Indicator collection site»
3.6.4 Source of indicator data
3.7    Category  
3.8    The "Project core" and "Project core" versions
3.9    The offline mode, offline bases and bookmarked projects  

4    User screens  
4.1    Dashboard   
4.1.1    Reminder lists  
4.1.2    Menu  
4.1.3    Organizational units table
4.1.4 Projects table  
4.2    Organizational unit   
4.2.1    Overview   
4.2.2    Information   
4.2.3    Calendar
4.2.4    Reports & documents   
4.3    Project    
4.3.1    Management Board Reminders table The Phases Table The "Related projects" table
4.3.2    Details    
4.3.3    Logical framework   
4.3.4    Manage indicators   
4.3.5    Map   
4.3.6    Calendar  
4.3.7    Indicator Data Entry  
4.3.8    Reports and documents Writing a report Attaching a document

5    How do you… ?    
5.1    How do you create or remove a project?   
5.1.1    How do you create a project on the Dashboard?   
5.1.2    How do you create a project on a Project page?    
5.2    How do you change phase?    
5.3    How do you make a Project core version?    
5.3.1    Locking – Unlocking a version
5.3.2    Validating or rejecting a version
5.3.3    How do you compare project versions?
5.3.4    How do you rename a Project core version?
5.3.3    How do you show an old Project core version?   
5.4    How do you copy and paste a logical framework?   
5.5    How do you attach a document?   
5.6    How do you attach a new version of a document?   
5.7    How do you create an “indicator”?   
5.8    How do you create an indicator data collection site?
5.9    How do you export data to your computer?
5.10    How do you change your password? 
5.11    What can you do if there is an insufficient internet connection?

5.11.1    How do you prepare your offline environment?
5.11.2    How do you synchronise data after you have worked offline?
5.11.3    How do you destroy your offline environment?  

5.12    How do you import data?  
5.13    What can you do... if you have a problem??

6    Administration   
6.1    Concepts for the administrator   
6.1.1    “User”, “Profile” and “Privacy group”   
6.1.2    Project model section Definitions of model field types  
6.2    Managing users and rights   
6.2.1    How do you add a user?   
6.2.2    How do you disable (or enable) a user account?   
6.2.3    How do you search for a user?   
6.2.4    How do you edit a user account?   
6.2.5    How do you add a profile?   
6.2.6    How do you edit a profile?   
6.2.7    How do you create a privacy group?   
6.2.8    How do you edit a privacy group?
6.3    Managing organisational units   
6.4    Managing project models   
6.4.1    How do you create a project model?   
6.4.2    How do you edit a project model which has just been created? Upper section Lower section "All fields" Tab "Phases" Tab "Log frame" Tab "Importation framework" Tab
6.4.3. How do you modify an available and used project model?
6.4.4. How do you import a project model?
6.4.5. How do you delete a project model?
6.4.6. How do you export a project model?
6.4.7. How do you duplicate a project model?
6.5    Managing organizational unit models
6.5.1    How do you create an organizational unit model?
6.6    Managing report models
6.6.1    How do you create a new report model?
6.6.2    How do you create a new report section?   
6.6.3    How do you delete a report model? 
6.7    Managing Categories
6.8    Managing Importation Frameworks
.9    Settings