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Hi, I would like to understand better what SIGMAH does and how it works, but your videos are old and confusing : would you have a simple demo in video?

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Feedbacks on Sigmah V3.0 indicator management mockups

Feedbacks by Victoria from ACF Canada on Sigmah V3.0 indicator management mockups:

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By felix.evbota1 at 10/09/2014 18:15 | 1 posts | Last post by osarrat at 16/09/2014 18:29
Search user by email

One very short feedback on admin part on "user edition".

It would be great that the "search" function allow to search not only in the name field of the user but also in its email field.

When managing a lots of users, it would be indeed great to be able to sort people according to their domain adress (i.e. NGO adress in my current case of consoritum).

Thanks. Cheers. Ed

By edmond.wach at 25/10/2013 12:09 | 1 posts | Last post by osarrat at 6/03/2014 09:57
Issue with agenda and draft project


Just some feedbacks after the quite great technical migration of yesterday !

Since my last post "Inactive agenda" , things have indeed changed : all my agenda (project or org unit) are now active and seem to work well, i.e. it's possible to add an event, added reminders appear in the agenda, activities added too. Great !

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Pop-up when opening sigmah on IE

Hi all,

An  idea : would it be easy to display a pop-up when trying to open sigmah on IE to inform the user that's it's a bad idea :) ... rather than he wait serveral days (and complain during about connexion, sigmah etc) before to ask to the supprot from where come the problem ??



By edmond.wach at 17/07/2013 16:47 | 1 posts | Last post by osarrat at 18/07/2013 12:01
Questions on details about project core versions

On the project core versions feature (also known as 0000167: [Project] Revise Amendments system behavior ) , we are now at the detailled design stage.

And we have a few points to validate in order to be sure to go in the right direction:

By osarrat at 12/07/2013 18:21 | 4 posts | Last post by osarrat at 18/07/2013 12:51
Alternative currencies for budget?

In the design of the Excel import feature, we come up with issues regarding currency in budget fields. The discussion we had with representatives of Solidarités and Médecins du Monde lead to the following facts :
- a base currency  is needed throughout the whole application to make possible and easy the funding links between projects
- the real meaningul values of budget for projects conducted with another currency in their contract are actually the value expressed in this other currency

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Request for info / advice


I have found out about Sigmah from a leaflet I got at NOMAD in Paris.

I collaborate with a few people involved with open source projects - be it from Selleo ( or a broader community at : ;

we sponsored and co-organized the Open Source Days :!prettyPhoto/0/ this year.

I would like to make the people more familiar with open source projects geared specifically towards NGOs.

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right click behaviour


When you higlight text from a field and do a right click to copy it or when you want to do a right click to correct typo mistake, the only options given is "show history".

My users find it disturbing not to be able to do the actions they are used to do with the right click of their mouse.

Would it be possible to have all the classic option + the show history button appearing when you do a right click?



By HI_mguilment at 3/05/2013 11:31 | 1 posts | Last post by guerlinejb at 6/05/2013 10:48
project from previous connexion opens when loging in


When Sigmah is closed with a project tab open, the next person opening the system will have this project tab opening when s/he connects even if s/he is not the one who opened it during his/her last connexion.

During the training I made last week, the participants found it disturbing to have a project they don't know anything about opening rather than the dashboard.

Would it be possible to change this behaviour and have Sigmah opening on the dashboard every time so that people don't get confused?

By HI_mguilment at 3/05/2013 11:27 | 1 posts | Last post by guerlinejb at 6/05/2013 11:43
Which informations to track on indicators' project core version management?


As described in issue 0000167: Revise Amendments system behavior that we wrote with the adoption focal points group of the Steering Cooperative, indicators can be part of the "project core version". This means that a project manager can decide freely to integrate an indicator created on his project as part of project core version. But when we have written this need, we haven't specified it with sufficient details. This is why I'm opening this forum topic now.

By osarrat at 30/04/2013 12:18 | 4 posts | Last post by at 24/05/2013 15:16
Ideas for further development


Some ideas for further developments (provided by participants of a Sigmah presentation)

By edmond.wach at 10/04/2013 11:29 | 3 posts | Last post by osarrat at 29/04/2013 11:17
Sigmah welcome page language


There is a small improvement that could be made on the welcome page of Sigmah. The whole system has been translated in 3 languages but not the welcome page.

Today, one of my indian collegue called me to help him connect as everything was written in French.

It would be good to have the option to chose language on the welcome page also ;)



By HI_mguilment at 8/04/2013 06:35 | 4 posts | Last post by jameswilshere at 11/01/2017 09:01
Important issue on privacy attached field


Even if a privacy group has been set up to an "attached files" field, upload files are still visible to all the users on the "reports and documents" sub-tab. This is, of course, highly problematic (all the documents can be visible to every body !!)

(i) set a privacy group to a "file list" field. Add one or several files to this "file list" field.

(ii) open the project with an user having not the right to see the privacy group

By edmond.wach at 8/03/2013 21:29 | 1 posts | Last post by osarrat at 11/03/2013 15:14
Small bug on screen download

In some conditions (slow connection, user "too fast" etc.) it might happen that the openned project doens't correspond to the tab' title (e.g. management board A can bee see with tab title B).

See example in attached print screen



By edmond.wach at 8/03/2013 20:51 | No posts.
Right of relating project


I have some difficulties to understand how works the right to relate projects (link of funding)

(i) First of all, it seems that anyone with the right to "edit project" can relate existing projects or delete current relations between project (test made on demo servor). It seems therefore useful to have a specific right to relate projects.

By edmond.wach at 8/03/2013 17:53 | 1 posts | Last post by renatoaf at 17/07/2014 06:26
Right to close a reminder (to do / expected)


Currently anyone, with "edit project" right, can close a reminder (to do or expected elements) without any history of the closure.

It's seems relevant to add a right to close reminder (and to re-open a closed reminder) and /or by default that only the user which has created the reminder can closed it. Ideally an history feature of the closure would be useful.

By edmond.wach at 8/03/2013 17:21 | 1 posts | Last post by osarrat at 14/03/2013 11:22
Important issue on password management


When you manage an user (e.g. want to edit his profile) you need to reset manually every time a new password otherwise anybody will be able to connect to sigmah with the user adress in other word the popup open when editing a user should always have passwords field filled.

(i) add a new user. The user can be connected with its own password

(ii) Edit the user in "users" screen. Change only the profile without changing the password or even change nothing just save.

By edmond.wach at 8/03/2013 16:17 | 1 posts | Last post by osarrat at 3/05/2013 18:42
Bug on the history file list field (related to #459)


The history feature of "file list" field has an - important - bug.

NB : This bug seems to be related to #459 (I don't know if it will be alreday corrected with 1.2. But I tested it on the rc 1.2 and the problem was still present despite correction of #459)

(i) Create two versions of a files on a "file list" field

(ii) open the history pop-up and delete the last version of the file (the 2nd one)

(iii) go back on your project. The displayed name of the file is the first version of the file (ok !) but

By edmond.wach at 8/03/2013 15:22 | 1 posts | Last post by osarrat at 3/05/2013 17:39