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1.1.1. History of the Sigmah project

Submitted by pbrunet on Mon, 06/06/2011 - 10:59

Sigmah is the product of numerous forces which have been brought together:
•    The project began in response to a collective request on the part of a group of French NGOs. During 2009, the needs of this group in terms of information management were evaluated: this showed that there was a shared need to improve certain priority functionalities.
•    ActivityInfo, open source software for monitoring indicators, which was developed for UNICEF and its NGO partners in Congo, was integrated into the project and bedatadriven (, its designer, has been involved in the development of Sigmah.  
•    The system also follows on from the Dynamic COMPAS, free and open source software for managing the quality of humanitarian projects, developed by Groupe URD (, who also conducted the initial needs assessment.
The project is steered by a group of humanitarian organisations who form a “Steering Cooperative”.

For more information about the history of the project go to: