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2.3. Colour codes

Submitted by pbrunet on Mon, 06/06/2011 - 11:55

Project monitoring colour code

This allows users to quickly classify, distinguish and visualise the progress that is being made on a project in three areas: budget, time and activities.  

  • Brown indicates that there are no particular problems in the corresponding area.
  • Orange indicates that there are no particular problems and the corresponding area is reaching completion.
  • Red indicates that the corresponding area is reaching completion with a potential related risk (which can vary depending on the area, but generally this means that what has taken place has gone over or is in danger of going over what was planned).

Reminders colour code

There is also a colour code for the reminders situated on the left of the Dashboard and Project Management Boards. The reminder icon can be in three different colours which have the following meanings:

To do:

  • Done
  • To do
  • Late


  • Done
  • Pending
  • Late