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3.1.2. Funding projects

Submitted by pbrunet on Mon, 06/06/2011 - 12:44

“Funding” refers to the financial resources involved in one or more projects. Most projects are funded by a donor and, in most cases, donors refer to the funding as the project. A Funding project can include the different phases involved in funding, from the initial intention to project closure by way of the contract phase proper.  And certain funding models can have no phases when it is not necessary to monitor the progress of a request and the state of accountability towards the donor.  
Funding can be provided by one or more donors. When funds and funding requests, monitoring and communication function in a single and undispersed way, co-funding involving several donors will be considered to be a single funding project , with several associated donors. If financial reports, deadlines or amounts of money need to be independently managed by different donors, co-funding will be managed with several funding projects .  
Like projects, funding can be amended.

NB : Funding project icon
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