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Ceci est une page archivée de l'ancien site Sigmah qui n'est plus maintenu. Rendez-vous sur le nouveau site ! The “Phases” tab

Submitted by pbrunet on Tue, 06/07/2011 - 09:32

By default, the “Phases” tab includes:

  • an “Add” button
  • a table with 4 columns:
    • Order,
    • Phase name,
    • Next phases
    • Phase guide


How do you modify a phase which is part of a project model?
At the end of each line (in the fifth column) is an “Edit” button. Click on this to update the corresponding phase. This opens the following dialog box:

Fill in the following fields:

  • Phase name: phase heading as it will be seen by the end user on the Management board.
  • Next phases: when several phases are available, this makes it possible to choose which phases will come directly after the phase being modified. (Do not indicate all the subsequent phases, but only the phase or phases which come directly after it. Generally, there is only one phase which follows).   
  • Is root?  Tick this box if you want the phase that you are filling in to be the initial phase of the project when it is created.
  • Order: the order in which the phase tabs are displayed in the Management board.
  • Phase guide: an internet address (URL) towards which users are re-directed when they click on the “Phase guide” button for the phase concerned.

How do you create a new phase within a project model?

Click on the “Add” button below the Phases tab. This opens the following dialog box:


For more information about filling in the fields in this dialog box, go to "How do you modify a phase which is part of a project model?".