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4.2.1. Overview

Submitted by pbrunet on Tue, 06/07/2011 - 10:18

The Overview page includes two tables:

  1. The upper table is the Organization table, which has 3 columns by default: Code, Title, Country. If a code is preceded by a triangle, this means that it is divided into several sub-codes which correspond to a number of different Bases. To show these sub-codes, click on the triangle. To hide them, click on the triangle again.  
  2. The lower table is a Projects table with 8 columns by default: Code, Title, Active phase, Organizational unit, Spent budget, Time, Activity  (the latter three taking the form of gauges (see Colour Codes for more information) and Category (which uses icons).

For more information about the Projects table go to "Projects table" in the Dashboard section.

Sorting organizational units
When you place your cursor on the right hand side of a column heading, a triangle appears. Click on the triangle to open a drop-down list with the following three options: Sort Ascending, Sort Descending and Columns.  


Sort Ascending and Sort Descending reorganises the column content both alphabetically and in terms of numbers (0 to infinity).
If you place your cursor over « Columns », a new drop-down list opens with boxes to select and de-select. These are the column headings available for the table: if the box is ticked the corresponding heading is displayed and if it is not ticked the heading is hidden. Select and de-select headings by clicking on the corresponding boxes.

N. B.: These two tables are the same as the tables on the Dashboard.