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4.2.3. Calendar

Submitted by pbrunet on Tue, 06/07/2011 - 10:24

The Calendar page is divided into two parts:

1.    On the left is the list of types of entry. It is possible to hide certain types of entry to increase the space available for the others by deselecting them. It is also possible to hide the list of types of entry to increase the size of the right hand section (see "Framed double arrows: collapse/expand" for more details) and sort the types of entry in ascending or descending alphabetical order by clicking on the triangle on the right hand side of the Name line.

2.    On the right is the Calendar, which can be presented in three different ways:

  • day,
  • week
  • month

The default format of the calendar is the current month. The date of each day is written in dark grey. The weeks of the year are numbered to the left of each line in orange.
The Previous and Next buttons allow you to go to the previous or the following month or week depending on the selected format.
It is also possible to add an event by clicking on the “Add Event” tab.

This opens the following dialog box:


Fill in the different lines then click on OK. The event then appears in the Calendar.
N. B.: To select a whole day for an activity or an event, do not specify a start hour or end hour.