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Ceci est une page archivée de l'ancien site Sigmah qui n'est plus maintenu. Rendez-vous sur le nouveau site ! The Phases Table

Submitted by pbrunet on Tue, 06/07/2011 - 10:39

The Phases table includes elements which are decided during the parameterisation. For example, if the model retained is that of the Quality COMPAS, the Quality assurance method developed by Groupe URD, it will include the following 5 phases:

  • Preliminary
  • Initial assessment
  • Design
  • Implementation and monitoring
  • Closure

In the table, each project cycle phase is split into sections known as “groups”. Each group includes a number of fields which need to be completed.
For the model based on the Quality COMPAS, each key question is related to one of the twelve criteria of its Quality reference framework (the "Compass Rose").

Each phase is accessed via a system of colour-coded tabs:

  • Light grey: the tab is being used (by default, it is the first tab on the left, that of the preliminary phase, which is active).
  • Medium grey: the tab is accessible (it is possible to click on it because the phase is open)
  • Dark grey: the tab is inaccessible (it is not possible to click on it as the phase is not yet open)

To complete a phase:

  • Either, open the following phase by clicking on “Activate this phase” under "Phase details" (N.B. if a preceding phase is already open, all the required sections need to have been filled in and saved before the following phase can be activated).
  • Or, close it by clicking on "Close this phase" under "Phase details" (N.B. all the required sections of the phase need to have been filled in and saved before it can be closed).

Clicking on a phase tab opens a table with two parts:

  • On the left, the “Required fields”
  • On the right, the “Phase details ”

Required fields
In the “Required fields” section, the list of questions which can be answered in the “Phase details” section is displayed as well as whether or not they have been answered (red for unanswered, green for answered) and the type of answer required (text, multiple choice, checkbox).

Phase details
The “Phase details” section can include different sub-sections depending on the choices made during parameterisation.

N.B.: A link with the quality criterion from the quality reference framework that has been adopted (such as the Quality COMPAS) is available via an information bubble that appears when you place the cursor over the field.

By clicking on this symbol , the list of modifications made to this answer is shown in a window: 


While writing answers, it is strongly recommended that users click regularly on the "Save modifications" button to reduce the risk that answers are not taken into account, especially when the quality of the internet connection is poor. 

Phase guide
The “Phase guide” button (on the right, below the “Phase details” heading) allows you to gain access to one or more documents to help you write a report. Support materials of this kind are included in Sigmah during the parameterisation. (For more information, go to "How do you create a project model?").


N. B.: Clicking on a report in the Management board leads directly to the sub-tab “Reports and Documents”