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4.3.5. Indicator Data Entry

Submitted by pbrunet on Tue, 06/07/2011 - 11:20

The Indicator Data Entry sub-tab allows you to do two things:

  • Enter or consult the data collected
  • Consult or modify the definition  of indicators

Using the table
The indicator data can be viewed in 3 different ways on this screen:

  • By site: this shows the data at a particular site for all the indicators (lines) for each month (columns) :


  • By indicator: this shows the data for a particular indicator at all the sites (lines) for each month (columns)


  • By month: this shows the data during a particular month for all the indicators (columns) at all the sites (lines).

The choice of having the indicators in columns and the sites in lines, or vice-versa, can be changed by clicking on the arrows button () in the top left hand corner of the table.

To change the type of view being used, there are 3 possibilities:
1.    The magnifying glass button () next to each heading (Site, Indicator or Month) allows you to view the data from the point of view of a particular site, indicator or month.
For example, by clicking on the magnifying glass next to the indicator heading “No. of NFI kits distributed”, the table changes to show the data by indicator for the indicator “No. of NFI kits distributed”.
2.    Filter drop-down lists: the table can be viewed from a particular site, indicator or month by selecting one of these in the 3 filter drop-down lists located at the top of the table – “Site”, “Indicator” and “Indicator values for”.
3.    Previous view ()and next view ()buttons: these allow you to go through the different views which have already been chosen.

The “Default view” is the view which is loaded when the “Indicator Data Entry” sub-tab is opened.

To choose a particular view as the default view when opening the “Indicator Data Entry” sub-tab, click on the “Default view” box.
De-select the view by clicking on the box again
Entering indicator data
To enter indicator data:

  1. select an appropriate view to gain access to the data to be entered;
  2. click on the unit that you want to modify;
  3. type in the value, then press “Enter”;
  4. click on “Save” in the top left hand corner of the screen to save the data.

Consulting or modifying the definition  of indicators
To consult or modify the definition of an indicator, click on the pencil button () next to the name of the indicator in the table. This opens the indicator’s card  (see "Defining indicators" for more details).