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Ceci est une page archivée de l'ancien site Sigmah qui n'est plus maintenu. Rendez-vous sur le nouveau site ! Writing a report

Submitted by pbrunet on Tue, 06/07/2011 - 11:51

Creating a report

To create a new report, click on “New Report” on the left hand side of the screen:


This opens a list of different reports available for this project, organised by phase:

Click on a phase to select it. This opens a dialog box. Enter the title then click on OK to confirm.

Following this:
1. A confirmation message appears in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.
2. In the right hand part of the screen, the structure of your report appears in keeping with the model chosen during the parameterization.


Opening an existing report

Click on the title of a report in the left hand section to display its contents in the right hand section:


The contents of the selected report are displayed, with the title at the top:


Showing reports in Overview Mode and Full Mode

The default position for reports is “Full Mode” with all questions (model sections) and answers displayed. The size of the report’s sections and sub-sections can be altered by clicking on the – button to hide an answer and the + button to expand it again.  


It is also possible to display reports in overview mode which automatically displays the report in its most condensed form, with all of the answers hidden, leaving only section titles and questions visible.


Export a report

To export a report, select the report of your choice in the left hand table, Reports and Documents, then click the button Export Word situated under the title of the right hand table, which now has the name of the selected report.

This opens your computer’s file-saving dialog box:

Once you have selected a folder, click on Save. Once it has been downloaded, the file is available in .rtf format.