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5.6. How do you attach a new version of a document?

Submitted by pbrunet on Tue, 06/07/2011 - 13:33

Attaching a new version

To add a new version of a document which is already attached, click on the "New version" button.

The difference between attaching a new file and attaching a new version

In Sigmah, a file attachment field can be set up to recieve a limited or unlimited number of documents. However, it is always possible to add as many versions as you want of a document as long as the file attachment field is not locked (for example, when the phase is closed).

For example, in the following screen, the number of files which can be attached to the "Initial Assessment Report" field has been limited to 1 during the parameterisation. This limit is indicated by "1 document(s) max." next to the title.


The "Add a file" button makes it possible to add a new file to the file field. Thus, you could allow an unlimited number of image files to be added to a field entitled "Photos". If the limit of the authorised number is reached, the "Add a file" button is de-activated as in the screen above.

The "New version" button allows a new version to be added which then replaces the file version already attached. Previous versions of the file can still be viewed by clicking on "History".


See Reports & documents.

Submitted by Jhon_Carter on Tue, 11/15/2016 - 12:59.

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Nice information. Thanks for guidance about how to attach document. Now I don’t need to  do research or try and error.

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