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Submitted by pbrunet on Tue, 06/07/2011 - 14:51

This section allows 4 pieces of information related to the model to be modified:

  • The name of the model
  • The state of the model:
    • Draft: final users will not be able to view the model – it will only serve as a base to create pilot projects
    • Available: final users will be able to view the model and will therefore be able to select it to create new projects;
    • Unavailable: after having been used, final users are once again no longer able to view the model: it can not be used to create new projects.
  • The type of model (NGO project, Funding project, Local partner project).
  • The "Maintenance" mode: for more information about this, see "How do you modify an "Available and Used" project?".

To save any changes that are made, you must then click on “Save”.

NB: This "Save" button is only used to save changes made to the upper section of the screen. For the lower section, all changes are saved due to the action buttons or in the dialog boxes.