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Submitted by pbrunet on Tue, 06/07/2011 - 15:04

The “All fields” tab includes a tool bar and a table:

  • The table has 11 columns which correspond to the 11 different characteristics which a field can have:
    • Name,
    • Type,
    • Required
    • Privacy group,
    • Amendable,
    • Exportable,
    • Banner,
    • Banner position,
    • Container,
    • Group
    • Group order

Default fields
Just after the creation of a new project model, the table is automatically filled with the following 9 fields (in nine different lines) :

  • Code,
  • Title,
  • Budget,
  • Start date,
  • End date,
  • Country,
  • Owner,
  • Manager,
  • Organisational unit

Amongst the 11 characteristics (columns) in the editing table, the second, Type, is already completed with the information "Element by default". This parameterization, which can not be changed under any circumstances, means that this field will be present with its corresponding heading (Code, Title, Country, etc.) in all the projects created regardless of their model and their type of project (NGO, Funding or Local partner).

How do you edit a project model’s default fields?

To parameterize each default field, click on its name. This opens a specific dialog box for each field.
For example, for Code:

For each dialog box, once the information has been entered, click on “Save” at the bottom of the box. A confirmation message then appears.

Another type of information is directly accessible from the editing table - "Group", in the second last column. When you click on its name, the following dialog box appears:

Fill in the different fields (Name, Container, Vertical position) then “Save”.  A confirmation message is subsequently shown on the screen.

How do you edit a field within a project model?

The characteristics presented below apply to each of the columns of the editing table. (See "How do you edit a project model which has just been created? Definitions of model field types"):

  • Container: concerns the location where this field can be filled in. The container location can  be chosen from a drop-down list which appears when you click on the arrow at the end of the line. The following list appears: Details, Default root phase: 
  • Group: concerns the location where this field can be filled in. The group is selected from the list of groups available for this container.
  • Required: indicates whether the field has to be filled in by the project user or if it can be left blank. To make it a required field, click on the corresponding tickbox. 

  • Privacy groups: to decide whether or not a field is accessible to certain user groups. (See " How do you create a privacy group? " for more details). The privacy group for a new field can be chosen from a drop-down menu which appears when you click on the arrow on the right hand side of the line:

  • Part of the project core: to establish whether the field is included in the Project core for this model (for more information, see "Project core" and "Project core" versions". A field which is part of the Project core will be locked if the Project core is locked, and its value appears in the window where Project core versions are compared. To make a field part of the Project core, click on the corresponding tickbox.
  • Exportable in project synthesis: to establish whether or not the field is exported to the project synthesis (spreadsheet in OpenDocument or MS Excel format). If you tick this box, the field will be exported for all users. Consequently, fields which should remain completely private should not be exported. This box only concerns the project synthesis, and is not related in any way to general exports: you can decide not to export a field here, and decide to include it in a general export later via the general exports setup screen if you have "General exportation" rights. The "Exportable in Project Synthesis" feature is available for all field types, except Files and Reports. 

N.B. : Saving the information that has been entered
When you have finished entering information, do not forget to click on "Save". A confirmation message then appears.

If you have not filled in all the fields in the form, an error message appears:

For more information about the 11 characteristics of a field, see "Project model fields" and "Definitions of model field types".

How do you create a “Field group” within a project model?

Click on “ Add group” below the tab “All fields” next to “Add”. This opens a dialog box:

Fill in the following fields:

  • Name: heading which will be seen by the final users.
  • Container: location where the group will be contained
  • Vertical position: indicates the vertical position of the group in the container, which makes it possible to choose the order in which groups are displayed.

A confirmation message is shown.


How do you remove a field?

To remove a field:

  • Select the field to be removed by clicking on it;
  • Then click on the "Remove selected fields" button;
  • Click on "yes" to confirm your choice, or "no" to cancel it.