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3.6.3. « Indicator collection site »

Submitted by pbrunet on Wed, 08/10/2011 - 15:36

Indicator values are collected on “indicator collection sites”.
For each project, one or more indicator collection sites can be defined. An indicator cannot have a value without a site.
A site is a geographical point to which a temporal series of indicator values are associated. This can be a distribution site, a health centre, a well, or more abstractly, a base or a capital or an indicator related to the context.
A site has:

  • A name [compulsary]
  • A roadway or waterway : the nearest road or waterway if the name of the site is not widely known
  • Geographic coordinates
  • Depending on the country where the project is taking place, the related local administrative entity or entities.

All projects have a main site. This is the first site to be defined in the Map sub-tab, and it corresponds to the location of the project. ( See 5.3.5 Map )