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v1.1-rc beta-test

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Introduction to this test

Sigmah version 1.1 will be released soon.

In the release process management, we are now at the stage of the 2nd release candidate. It is still not perfect, but it represents 99.9% of what will be Sigmah v1.1. The developers will continue to work to fix the last issues while this beta-test session will be ongoing. 3 bugs are already know which will only be fixed in 3rd (and hopefully last) release candidate:

  • 0000397: Logframe copy errors on indicators copy
  • 0000208: Changing of Project's OrgUnit
  • 0000282: IndicatorDatasources



Here are the questions asked about this version:

  • This is the first time you’ve seen the software. What are your first impressions?
  • Is it easy to navigate around the software? Did you have to look hard to find out how to do certain things?
  • Does everything works properly in the new Spanish version of the software?
  • Do you manage to create indicators, sites and provide indicator data?
  • Are you able to create your own project model and create a test project out of it?
  • Did you find any anomalies in the software’s way of functioning?
  • Do you have any suggestions, criticism, or ideas for how to improve the software?

As usual, those questions are just hints. Please feel free to provide any comment you have.

Language / Langue / Idioma

Vous pouvez répondre en français si vous êtes plus à l'aise dans cette langue, and if writing either in simple French or English are really not your cup of tea, you can also write in Spanish.

How to start the beta-test?

This beta-test is now ended. If you want to test Sigmah, go to .

How to give back my comments?

It is simple: click on the link "Create new Sujet de discussion" on the right, and let yourself be guided.

[en] Bug report (

Problem summary: Entry of indicators does not function

What did you expect to happen? some test data to be stored in the system

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. set up a logframe
2.define indicators and target values
3.try to enter some data and save

Severity of the problem (minor, medium, major)? major

Technical information
Version: 1.1-rc2

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