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Sigmah is a collaborative project which has grown out of a participatory approach with its users. In order to ensure that the software is as well adapted as possible to the needs of humanitarian organisations, and that they continue to remain interested in the project, they are involved in the development and evolution of the software.  

The Steering Cooperative

12 organisations are currently involved in guiding the project, making up what we call the ‘Steering Cooperative’. This group plays the largest role in decision making for the project. It is the guarantor and is responsible for the project in the long term. The Cooperative is open to new members, according to needs.

The Steering Cooperative is currently made up of 12 organisations:

  • 11 Humanitarian NGOs, which share the same needs: Acting For Life, Action Contre la Faim, Comité de Secours Internationaux, Croix-Rouge Française, Etc Terra,  Equilibres & Populations, Handicap International, Médecins du Monde, Première Urgence – Aide Médicale Internationale, Solidarités International, Triangle Génération Humanitaire.
  • Groupe URD, as the facilitator for the Cooperative, using its expertise in developing Quality assurance for the humanitarian sector and lessons learnt from the COMPAS method, specifically the Dynamic COMPAS, software for the management of humanitarian projects.






This group contributes to the sustainability and relevance of the project by guaranteeing that the user-organisations have decision-making power, and are able to steer the project in the long-term. The group determines the strategic direction of the project. Its principal roles are to validate and plan the development of the software's features, to help the system to be adopted by their organisations, and to seek out funding. The group is called a 'cooperative' because its members all contribute equally to the funding of certain essential elements of the project, such as the hosting of the internet site. The members also participate equally in taking strategic decisions.

If you would like more information about joining the Steering Cooperative, please do not hesitate to contact:

  Video part of Sigmah Launch Conference 2011

Download this video in free format (.ogv)

Technical partners

The technical development of the software is conducted by a main partnerNetapsys.

A Graphic Designer and a User Experience expert (Adergo) are also actively working on developing the software and website.

An open community

As a piece of free software, Sigmah is open to anyone who takes an interest in the project. Any interested person can therefore:

-    Become a 'beta-tester' for new versions of the software,
-    Be a local facilitator and/or moderator for the community (signaling anomalies, demands for technical developments, etc),
-    Be involved in technical support (global or regional),
-    Join the team of developers.

Sigmah is a participative project, in which everyone can be involved and make the most of their competencies or highlight their needs!

  Video part of Sigmah Launch Conference 2011

Download this video in free format (.ogv)