This is an archived page of the former Sigmah website which is no longer maintained. Come on the new website!
Ceci est une page archivée de l'ancien site Sigmah qui n'est plus maintenu. Rendez-vous sur le nouveau site !


Welcome to the Sigmah forums!

If this is your first visit, please present yourself to the other participants by posting your first message on the “Members self-presentation” forum.

In order to respond as well as possible to different types of request, to favour constructive exchanges on specific issues and to deal with the requests and suggestions which emerge from discussions as well as possible, there are 4 different forums:

  • Members self-presentation : the first step, to introduce yourself or find out who the other members are.
  • Technical support : do you have a problem or a question? Post it here.
  • Feedback & suggestions : do you have an idea, a suggestion or an opinion about using Sigmah that you would like to share? This is the place for you.
  • Beta-testing : to give feedback about the different versions of the software as they are being built.

What language is used in the forums?

Our community is multi-lingual and members often speak several languages!
To take this diversity into account as best as possible, we propose the following rules:

  • English, French and Spanish are the priority languages for the time being - it may be possible to use other languages in the future.
  • English is the preferred language because it is the most widely understood, but it is not obligatory.
  • A message in poor English is better than a message in perfect literary French because it will be understood by more people.
  • A message in your language is much better than no message at all! If you do not feel able to write in English, French or Spanish it is much better to write in your own language so that the project can still benefit from your contribution.

If you need help, don’t forget to consult the guide (for user and administrator).

You can also ask for support by email at: