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Organisational use

To adopt Sigmah in your organisation...

This open source software was developed for the most part with external funds and will therefore always be available to download free of charge. On the other hand, an online service – Sigmah Central – also exists. It will allow you to use the software without having to take care of technical matters.

But, for many organisations, adopting software like Sigmah is not simply a question of gaining access to it. How should I configure Sigmah for the whole of my organisation ? What adoption plan should I follow ? Who will be able to provide me with technical support and maintenance? These are the kind of questions which are often raised when an organization adopts new software. A group of professional partners with experience in providing the services related to Sigmah are available to give you long term support during the adoption of the software.  

Sigmah project professional partners

  Groupe URD is a non-profit French organization which coordinates the Sigmah project. It designed and developed a conceptual precursor of Sigmah: the Dynamic COMPAS.
  Ideia is the French IT company which developed most of the first version of Sigmah.
  Bedatadriven is a Dutch company which designed and developed the technical precursor of Sigmah : ActivityInfo, a web-based monitoring and evaluation database for humanitarian projects.

These organizations are already used to working together and, depending on your needs, one or more of them will be able to provide you with support in their particular area of expertise or to help you to establish contact with other organizations to overcome any constraints you may have, such as language constraints.

To receive support in adopting the software from any of these organisations, send an email to

Sigmah Central

A technically simple way of using Sigmah is via the “Sigmah Central” service.
As with webmail providers like Yahoo Mail and Gmail, Sigmah Central allows you to use the software without having to go through technical procedures to install or update the software, maintain the server, make backup copies, etc.

To begin setting up and using the platform all you have to do is create an online account with Sigmah Central.

Number of users Memory space for documents /visual content Fee
1-15 10 GB 700 €/year* (without VAT)
1-50 50 GB 1200 €/year* (without VAT)
1-100 100 GB 1600 €/year* (without VAT)

*: first year will include an extra cost for installation

This is a pay-to-use service, as indicated above, because the technical administration of the machine hosting the software requires technical and human resources in proportion to the memory space used. It is provided and invoiced by Ideia, one of the partners of the project.Nevertheless, using the Sigmah Central service is less costly than installing a server in your organisation, because the resources needed are shared between a very large number of organisations.

Each individual or organisation can have their own separate account on Sigmah Central. Storage of information is outsourced to professional data conservation, distribution and recovery services.

The Sigmah Central service can be used throughout an organization and has been designed to be simpler and less expensive than independent use of the software.

To begin setting up and using Sigmah, create your Sigmah Central account by contacting us at the following email address :

Once you have created your account you will be able to log on to Sigmah at:

Download and install your copy of Sigmah

Sigmah is free and open source software. Any individual or organization can therefore download it free of charge and install it on their own platform.
However, organisations should be aware that, as Sigmah is a web application, it needs to be installed on a web server so that all their users receive a permanent service. On the other hand, there is nothing to install on each user’s computer other than the web browser Mozilla Firefox. The technical characteristics recommended for the web server can be found at the following address:

A certain amount of experience is required to carry out the current technical procedure for installing Sigmah.  This is explained at:

  Video part of Sigmah Launch Conference 2011

Download this video in free format (.ogv)


User testimonials

Témoignages des adoptions en cours en septembre 2011  (reported by users in French)

  Video part of Sigmah Launch Conference 2011

Download this video in free format (.ogv)

  Video part of Sigmah Launch Conference 2011

Download this video in free format (.ogv)

  Video part of Sigmah Launch Conference 2011

Download this video in free format (.ogv)

  Video part of Sigmah Launch Conference 2011

Download this video in free format (.ogv)